Nordrad Quality Assurance plan

The project plan

The project aims are explained in the project plan written in April 1999. The aim of the project is to improve the intensity level harmonisation of the NORDRAD network to within +-2 dBZ, and to establish workable and efficient quality assurance and maintenance practices. The project is divided into three sub-projects:

SP1: Monitoring of all NORDRAD radars using the NRDTOOLS software.

SP2: Investigation of angular pointing accuracy of all NORDRAD radars, and implementation of improvements to achieve and agreed level of performance.

SP3: Investigation of calibration and radar parameter value accuracy at all NORDRAD radars, and implementation of improvements to achieve agreed level of performance.

Reporting and documents

The project was finally started in August 2000. The project is carried out according to the original project plan, but the project period is form 1.8.2000 to 31.10.2001. The first status report and first results were presented to NOCORD in October 2000.

An interim report has been presented to NOCORD on May 15, 2001. The report covers the advances in the project during the first 8 months. A detailed description of results from SP1 is also available.

Final report

The final report is now available.

Project management group

Asko Huuskonen (FMI, project leader), Ingemar Carlsson (Swedish Armed Forces), Åsa Granström, Daniel Michelson (SHMI), and Oddbjorn Thoresen (DNMI).